Focusing on the human element.

Years of experience have taught us that the best results are achieved when treating the whole person. At HRI, we don’t focus solely on the addiction, we utilize ‘evidenced-based practices’ to achieve positive treatment outcomes. The whole person approach utilizes various treatment models based on individualized needs, treating key areas such as education and career, spirituality, psycho-education, health education, 12 step models, anger management, gender specific concerns and therapeutic models.

Experienced, multi-disciplinary staff.

Our staff consists of a multi-disciplinary team of experienced, licensed, and certified staff, dedicated to empowering our patients. To ensure favorable treatment outcomes and address the special needs and concerns of our patients, HRI employs and contracts the services of Physicians, Addictionologists, Clinical Psychologist, Certified and Degreed Clinicians, Educators and other Trained Specialists.