Opioid Treatment Program

Our Opioid Treatment Program (OTP), located in downtown Richmond, Virginia is fully accredited by CARF International (for accreditation standards of care, please visit: www.carf.org). The OTP was carefully designed to maximally meet the patients' treatment needs within a reasonable timeframe, allowing the patient time to deal with present problems; establish a new lifestyle; enjoy life free from dependence on licit or illegal drugs; and enjoy a better quality of life in their chosen environment.


- Methadone Maintenance and Detox
- Buprenorphine Maintenance and Detox
- Counseling: Individual, Group, and Family
- Psychiatric: Assessments and Consultation
- Medical Services: Physical Examinations, Lab work, Consultations and Referrals
- Hepatitis Vaccinations and Education
- HIV Pre/Post Testing & Counseling
- Methadone Anonymous Group
- Vocational Referrals
- Assessments & Referrals
- Acupuncture
- GED Preparation
- Computer Classes

Hours of Operation

- HRI’s Opioid Treatment Program is open 7 days/week
- Monday through Friday 5:30 am – 5:00 pm, Saturday and Sunday 6:00 am – 10:00 am
- Admission Days: Monday, Wednesday, Thursday


- 15 W. Cary Street • Richmond, VA 23220 • (804) 644-4636[fax] (804) 648-4301
- View photos of HRI’s Opioid Treatment Program facility.