Is drug addiction and alcoholism a disease?

Yes, but through individualized treatment the addicted patient can enhance their quality of life, adopt a healthy lifestyle and recover. Relapse is still possible, but with careful aftercare planning sustained abstinence and long-term success is more likely.

Is an Aftercare Plan necessary to stay drug and alcohol free?

The support received from continued clinical care, such as AA, NA and MA groups has proven to be very effective in preventing relapse. At HRI, when a patient is discharged from our program an Aftercare Plan is developed to connect that patient with community resources that will provide the support and lifelong contacts essential for sobriety.

What is the best treatment for Opioid Addiction?

At HRI, we focus on the whole patient and understand that the treatment approach must be individualized. We provide Methadone and Suboxone to curve the cravings and suppress withdrawal symptoms. Behavioral Therapy, Health Assessments and when warranted Psychological Evaluations are part of our treatment approach. Individual and Group Counseling are also critical elements of effective treatment.

What is Methadone?

Methadone is an effective medication for Opioid addiction that suppresses symptoms of withdrawal, giving the patient an opportunity to separate from drug seeking activities and become more engaged in their individualized therapy plan. HRI provides both Methadone Maintenance and Detoxification.

What is Suboxone?

Suboxone is a form of Buprenorphine. This is a relatively new medication, approved by the FDA, which targets receptors in the brain to suppress withdrawal symptoms and relieve cravings for the Opioid addicted individual. HRI provides Suboxone Maintenance and Detoxification in both outpatient and residential settings. Additional information about Buprenorphine can be found, on this website, under our Services tab.

Does Methadone make patients high?

The proper dose of methadone does not give you a feeling a euphoria. Each patient’s dose is determined based on their previous history of illicit drug use and other medical factors. Methadone, properly prescribed, reduces narcotic cravings and painful withdrawal.

Does HRI have certain Intake Days?

Intake Days at HRI’s Outpatient Opioid Treatment Program are Monday through Friday. Typically patients go through Richmond Behavioral Health Authority, which is ‘central intake’ for the Richmond Area. There are ‘no waiting lists’ at HRI’s Opioid Program, so intake is immediate. Your well being is our priority.

If I am pregnant and abusing Heroin, is Methadone Maintenance a feasible choice?

At HRI pregnant patients are considered a priority. Prenatal care is not available on site; therefore our Medical Director will refer the patient to the OBGYN High Risk Clinic or to their own private physician. Methadone, properly prescribed and monitored, does not impair cognitive functioning and development of the fetus. Medically, for the individual abusing heroin or other opiates, Methadone Maintenance and proper prenatal care are recommended.

I have an alcohol problem, is residential or outpatient care the best recovery setting?

What does HRI charge for treatment services?

HRI’s rates are very affordable. We are a private, non-profit treatment program dedicated to assisting each individual on the road to recovery. Rates for service vary; for accurate up-to-date information, contact the program for the current fee schedule.

How can I make a donation to HRI?

HRI is a 501C3 Corporation and your donations are tax deductible. You can fill out the printable form on the donation tab, of this website, or contact the facility directly. Our services are very vital to the Virginia Community. We believe in enhancing the quality of life of the individuals we serve and their families. Your donations provide scholarships for those individuals that cannot afford treatment. We also provide scholarships for our on-site GED program, application fees for GED and SAT testing. Your generous contributions are also utilized to help support HRI’s Annual Health Fair.